Central Mechanical Workshop

Skills of performing different type of jobs in each of the following sections

  • Machine Shop
  • Fitting Shop
  • Pattern Shop
  • Welding Shop

Manufacturing Practice Course is designed such that students can learn the following & may be able to do the project work also:

  • Manufacturing Techniques.
  • Knowledge & Usage of different jobs & Tool Materials.
  • Practical Knowledge to operate different Machines, Equipment, & Devices in Manufacturing Practice.
  • Working/Handling Knowledge of Different types of Measuring Instruments used in Industries.
  • Precautions in Industrial Safety to avoid accidents.
  • Boring operation on Lathe Machine.
  • V-Block/Clamp on Shaper Machine.
  • Slot/T-Slot on Milling Machines
  • Right Angle Filing, Slot cutting, Angle cutting, Radius making in Fitting Shop.
  • Drilling, Reaming, Tapping & Usage of Number & Letter Punch.
  • Pattern making
  • Horizontal Welding Of two metal plates.
  • Vertical Welding on two metal plates.

It is dully equipped with wood working machines i.e lathe saws and drilling machine along with the wood working tools to give training to the student about wooden joint and patterns.

Latest welding machines for arc welding, gas welding, spot welding, MIG Welding and gas cutter etc. are an integral part of the fitting workshop. It is fully equipped with a bench grinder, bench drilling machine, power hacksaw and all types of measuring equipment and marking tools required for filing purpose.

This group is duly equipped with bench drilling machine, sheet cutting machine i.e lever shearing machines and foot shearing press. Bending and folding machine along with beading machine and sheet metal working tool like scriber, dot punch, center punch, try square, chisel, hand snip, mallet etc. precision measuring instruments i.e. micrometer, vernier caliper, height gauge, combination set, dial indicator, thread pitch and radius gauge and bevel protector, etc.

It includes a tool for forging of different components used in the industry. The shop is equipped with the open-hearth furnace, anvil, sledgehammer, swage block, flatters and other tools required for metal working.

It includes molding and casting of metal for industrial components. This shop comprises with Pit furnace, Crucible, ladles, molding boxes, molding sand along with other required hand tools. Molding is carried out on a suitable platform.

It is fully equipped with lathes, shapers, milling machines, surface grinders, drilling machines, bench grinder.

We have two latest versions of CNC machines for our students. It consists of CNC turning trainers (XL-TURN) and CNC milling trainer (XL-MILL). In this shop students learn programming, simulation on computers and manufacturing of different industrial part on machines.