Here students perform experiments on about fluid pressure measurement , Cavitation, Hydraulic coefficients such as coefficient of discharge, contraction and the velocity on the equipment like Venturi meter, Orificemeter, Bernoulli’s apparatus, Reynold’s apparatus, Notch apparatus, Impact Jet apparatus, Friction & Head Losses apparatus, Free & Forced Vortex apparatus, Rotameter, Cavitation apparatus, Metacentric height apparatus.

The main objective of this fluid mechanics lab is to build fundamental concepts combined with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities that would form the backbone of many other subjects in higher educations.

  • To determine the coefficient of impact for vanes.
  • To determine the coefficient of discharge of an orifice meter.
  • To determine the coefficient of discharge of Notch (V and Rectangular types).
  • To determine the friction factor for the pipes.
  • To determine the coefficient of discharge of venturimeter.
  • To determine the coefficient of discharge, contraction & velocity of an orifice.
  • To verify the Bernoulli’s Theorem.
  • To find critical Reynolds number for a pipe flow.
  • To determine the meta-centric height of a floating body.
  • To determine the minor losses due to sudden enlargement, sudden contraction, and bends.
  • To show the velocity and pressure variation with radius in a forced vortex flow.
  • To verify the momentum equation.