Here the students are taught about various heat treatment processes like normalizing, tempering, surface hardening etc of different specimens through muffle furnace, polishing machine and metallurgical microscope.

  • Know the fundamental science and engineering principles relevant to materials.
  • Understand the relationship between nano/microstructure, characterization, properties and processing and design of materials.
  • Have the experimental and computational skills for a professional career or graduate study in materials.
  • Possess knowledge of the significance of research, the value of continued learning and environmental/social issues surrounding materials.
  • Be able to communicate effectively, to work in teams and to assume positions as leaders.
  • To study crystal structures of a given specimen.
  • To study crystal imperfections in a given specimen.
  • To study microstructures of metals/ alloys.
  • To prepare solidification curve for a given specimen.
  • To study heat treatment processes (hardening and tempering) of steel specimen.
  • To study the microstructure of heat-treated steel.
  • To study thermo-setting of plastics.
  • To study the creep behaviour of a given specimen.
  • To study the properties of various types of plastics.
  • To study Bravais lattices with the help of models.
  • To study crystal structures and crystals imperfections using ball models.