Pick and Place Robot Gripper

Pick and Place Robot Gripper

Pick and Place Robot Gripper is basically a land follower. This land follower helps one in picking an object and placing in the desired location.
Rover, End effector, Sensors, Controller, Actuators, Tyres are the major parts used in this project.
Following the different parts used in the project, the description of the same is as follows:
Rover, can be called as the backbone of the project, consists of severe bodies such as a sphere or a cylinder, links and joints. Also known as the manipulator.
A part connected to the last joint of the rover, End Effector, is used for the purpose of gripping objects. Without hesitating, it can be compared to the arm of a human being.
Actuator, a motor generating motion output to drive a robot. The task of Actuator is that it actually actuates the robot. It can be any motor such as pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, Stepper motor,serve motor, etc. and many more.
Sensors, the sophisticated devices, used to sense the proper functioning of the robot. The most frequently used sensors involve touch sensors, proximity sensors and IR (Infrared) Sensors.
The device used to control, Controller, ensures the motion of each and every joint and the movement of the effector.
How do a Pick and Place Robot Gripper works?

  • The wheels underneath the base act as a helping hand in moving the robot to its desired place.
  • The rigid body associated with the end effector bends to reach the location where the object is placed.
  • The end effector picks up the object with a solid grasp and places it at the desired location.
  • Summing up with, let us have a glimpse of the benefits of Pick and Place Robot Gripper

  • Following to the comparison with human counterparts, Pick and Place Robot Gripper is faster and can get the task done in a span of seconds.
  • It is accurate as takes objects from one location to another desired location with accuracy.
  • It maximizes the safety of working environment being so labour- intensive and monotonous.
  • Recognizing the ability to accommodate multiple changes in the shape and type of object, it is flexible.

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