Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day Celebration

Date: 25/01/2018
Venue: Seminar Hall Mechanical Engg. Deptt. (BSAEI, Faridabad)

The 69th Republic Day was celebrated enthusiastically by the Staff and Students of The mechanical engineering department of B.S. Anangpuria Educational institutes, Faridabad. Dr.Deepak Khurana, Head of the department motivated the students by making them aware of the importance of the day and also emphasized that one can become the good citizen only and only if one has good health as healthy body and mind can think better and make wise decisions for themselves and the nation. Dr. Khurana talked about keeping oneself healthy and to avoid fast foods. He said that fast food kills fast. He also alarmed the audience towards increasing episodes of heart attacks, especially among youngsters. Various cultural activities and speeches presented by the students showed their devotion to their nation.
Mr. Sunil Siwach, Faculty of mechanical engineering also addressed the gathering and gave three important messages followed by motivational videos. ” All should understand their roles and responsibilities and act according to their responsibilities. He pointed out that the students should feel proud to be ‘ Indians’ and being a citizen of a largest Democratic country; all should participate in voting which is a fundamental right of every citizen. Being educated society, we should maintain discipline at all the place and all the time. By maintaining silence we never lose anything like pride instead we gain a lot of appreciation.” The ceremony ended
with Vande Mataram.

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